Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bits of Pretty

   With my due date approaching in March I'm really excited to be welcoming our newest little girl Vivienne into our family! Feeling constantly scatter brained, unable to focus or hold a thought, I'll leave you with just bits of pretty I've been working on.  


Lily loves craft projects of any kind, she is so fun to sit beside and create with. We made fun tissue paper stained glass hearts a couple weeks ago.  

 My ruffled felt heart wreath for V-Day, I figured I could hang it in the girls room somewhere when the holiday was over.

I planted a few Primroses in pots around the house because I needed to see something blooming. This spring I want to try to grow Cosmos or some kind of pretty wild flowers from seeds, I've never tried it before so wish me luck.
We made silhouettes of our kids at our moms group a while back, I love how timeless they look. Here's where I found the tutorial to share with our group.



  1. Hi...and excited for your new little one on the way!!! So happy for you. Love all your beautiful ideas and pictures. Thanks for sharing.
    Love, Susan

  2. Thanks Susan always great to hear from you:) I've been nesting and washing teeny tiny newborn onesies once again! You are always lovely in all that you do!! Take care sweet friend