Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Chiffon flowers and Lillian's toes

 Well I've wanted to start a blog for years, so with baby steps, I'm excited about my first post! I hope you enjoy it and find a little inspiration, I know I've found so much from blogs I visit regularly.

 Creating your own kind of beauty is like medicine for the soul. There's no other words to describe it. Being a stay at home mom I feel surrounded by possibilities to express that, and yes at times I've driven myself a little crazy and it's even gotten ugly, but creating an environment that captivates what your heart loves and sharing it with others is one of the things I love most about making our house a home. From the meals we eat , activities we do, places we go and the memories we make, home is so important. I see these as opportunities like blank canvases to make our own story. To know, or find who you are, what you believe, create, and value, all starts at home. I hope that through this blog I can bring to life, well really 'web' those canvases and they can be a reflection of what I love and who we are.

 Making things out of colors that catch my eye or being inspired by others creativity is one thing I love, and feels rewarding when you have a vision come to life.


 I love the look of chiffon, it's delicate look makes me think of spring. 


Since I originally made these flowers to be worn in your hair or as
          a brooch, I wouldn't recommend your little one running around with them on their 
feet because of the exposed end of the alligator clip. You can choose to completely 
cover the alligator clip with ribbon, or use Velcro for a safer more comfortable
 wear. An added bonus with the Velcro is that the flowers can be interchangeable.



I painted my girls toes for the first time today!
O.P.I.'s Pink Friday

My toes were already painted this color
so it seemed only fitting to match her's with mine:). I love how they turned out,  I kept finding myself trying to sneak a peek at them throughout the day only to grin at them. It's the perfect barley there soft ballerina color. 


  1. very cute. :) welcome to the world of blogging :)

  2. how did you make the chiffon flowers

  3. Hi Beth, thanks for your interest, I hope to post a tutorial of them soon:)

  4. Ola tudo bem???A onde encontro o molde desta flores lindas????bjos obrigada kikartesanatos

  5. Beautil! I would love a tutorial also.

  6. Yes please a tutorial on the chiffon flowers, please.