Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Heart Shaped Bird Feeder

 This was a fun activity to do with the kids and would make for a charming gift idea as well!

What I caught Lily doing the morning I was online pulling up instructions for the bird feeder. 

This picture makes me think of how an artist might stand back with a hand on one hip and ponder if they're truly satisfied with their work. I'm sure that's not what she's doing, but makes me smile to think so.

Supplies you will need

 3 cups of birdseed
2 1/4 ounce packets of unflavored gelatin
cookie cutters of choice 
 twine for hanging
 non stick cooking spray 


Sprinkle two packages of gelatin over 1/2 cup cold water. 
Let it sit a couple of minutes until gelatin has absorbed the water. 
Heat 1 3/4 cups water in a pan, then add in the gelatin mixture. 
Stir until dissolved. Stir in 3 cups of birdseed.
Allow mixture to cool until gelatin is thick and coats all the birdseed.

Spray the top piece of your foil and the inside of your cookie cutter with non stick cooking spray. I placed my foil and cookie cutter on a paper plate, I found this easier when transferring to the freezer. When birdseed mixture is ready, fill cookie cutter with mixture and press down until firm.
I made two 5 inch heart shaped bird feeders and a few small butterfly's and had quite a bit left over to make at least another heart with. The original tutorial said she had enough for three 5 inch heart feeders.
Cut a piece of straw or whatever you have on hand that will substitute to make a hole for hanging. 
Place in freezer approximately an hour or so, or until mixture has set.
String with twine, hang and enjoy!

I tried a few mini butterfly shaped ones just to see how they'd turn out. I envisioned something like little spring ornaments we could try to adorn some blossoming tree in our backyard with, can you picture it? Kind of cute I thought, but they were just too small to make out what they were supposed to be. 

Since we made these in mid February we didn't have anything pretty to hang them on in the back. The trees still looked like sticks, so I asked the hubby if he would hold it over the daffodils sitting on our patio table for a somewhat of a "cuter" background. 

We eventually hung it out back where I could see it from our kitchen window and whenever I looked out at it, it made me smile. About a week or so later we had a couple of good windy/raining days and I noticed it missing. So the kids and I went out and searched the backyard for it, Shane was the first to spot it....... in Maddie's poop. So that's the story of the first bird feeder we ever made together.:)

Now that the weather is getting nicer and our Crape Myrtle's should start to bloom we may try making them again. Love to think we could catch some birds actually feeding from them and if I'm lucky, snap a few  pictures.