Monday, March 19, 2012

Pioneer Woman's Flat Apple Pie and Easy Caramel Sauce

I was inspired to make this "pie on the go" as she calls it. Slice, serve on a napkin, and be on your way. Not that I really go around eating pie in my car or anything......yet... anyway. The main reason I wanted to make this was because the recipe seemed simple to follow, without too many fussy steps. I know, pie, simple? But yes, there really seemed to be nothing to it. So I gave it a try.

 but I can't take all the credit, I had a little help


When the dough's been just combined, she halves it and places it into two separate Ziploc bags, once inside the unsealed bag, she beats the top of it with just a few whacks of her rolling pin. I think for the reason being that when it's done chilling it's easier to roll out and you don't end up over working your dough.

                          I  would recommend wrapping your baking sheet with foil for                  
                     easy clean up, as you can see I didn't do this, my pan was toast.
                         What can I say, tender and flaky crust, the way all pies should be,     
                        the apples had a little bite to them and the caramel sauce was a hit. 

              Here are the links for the flat apple pie and easy caramel sauce recipes

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